Friday, February 8, 2013

The Grove

Today Dawson and I made plans to go to The Grove to see a couple celebs. I read online that the parking garage got pretty expensive after a few hours, so for the first while we parked across the street at a K-Mart. The outside outlet mall area was very pretty. Definitely a place I would recommend walking around. Although it may be more enjoyable if I could afford all the pretty clothes they had at Gap. (Which was also the specific store where they filmed one song for the Valentines episode of Glee two years ago!) But 88 dollars for a cropped blazer? No thanks.
Dawson and I tried to find out where Mario Lopez (who I like, mainly from being on Saved By the Bell in the 90's) now hosts the Extra show. I knew he was doing an interview at 1:30pm and I found some grips with Extra shirts. But the man I talked to see annoyed with his job. "I'm not sure where it will be filmed today. One minute they tell us to set up here and ten minutes later they need us to move all the lights somewhere else." We walked back to the entrance then all the sudden I saw a golf cart driving in our direction. I thought, "That guy looks like Mario Lopez.. wait a second.. Ooh, it is him!" I didn't have my camera out, so I just waved like crazy. Haha! He acknowledged my enthusiasm with a salute-like gesture.
With Mario Lopez in the passenger seat, the golf cart drove by much faster than we could walk and we lost track of where they went. Dawson and I were not able to figure out where they shot the segment today, but I would have put more effort into finding them if the person being interviewed was someone I knew. I do hope you are enjoying all the visuals I have been providing lately!!

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  1. LOL! Looks like you're having a ball! :-) I can only imagine you waving at Mario Lopez and laugh to myself. :P